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The commercial market is shifting. Office leasing trends and shocks in retail are not the friends of a traditional commercial property investor. In addition, demands from occupiers, funding and client stakeholders are on the rise. However, with the correct adoption of technology, you can stay flexible, thrive and differentiate yourself in this market. And that’s exactly what our clients are doing.

We’ve been protecting client operations and investments in real estate for more than four decades by providing highly flexible solutions. Our tools allow clients to change fast as their business evolves. Purpose-built applications allow them to flex to the latest technologies and connect easily to other leading Proptech providers. Our software has allowed some of the UK and Ireland’s leading commercial and mixed use property developers and managers to grow from start-ups to industry leaders. Added to this, we are constantly bringing the best parts of our solutions from other global regions into the market.



Agents, investors and funders can collaborate efficiently around a centralised view of asset performance.


Highly visual, interactive graphical analysis with business performance insights on every screen.

Document management

Create one controlled documentation set across your property operations, including leases, plans, legal documents, and correspondence.


Work across multiple territories with support for different currencies, languages and time zones.

Commercial Real Estate Software


  • Highly flexible platforms; SaaS-based, mobile-enabled and easily integrated with existing business systems.

  • Enables investors, agents and funders to collaborate efficiently around a centralised view of asset performance.

  • Visual dashboards and easy-to-understand real estate performance metrics to identify trends.

  • Personalised to your own style and preference; choose a colour scheme to match your corporate branding or customise the layout for easier navigation.

  • Powerful tools for appraising, modelling and managing disposals, acquisitions and investment decisions.

  • Real-time data on your portfolio at your fingertips, with the ability to drill down to the underlying data to probe for more insights.

  • Set up for you already; pre-configured with a number of common real estate roles.

  • Highly intuitive user interface designed for the professional rather than the technical user.

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Choose technology that supports your vision and use a platform that differentiates you from your competition – one that gives you the freedom and flexibility to build amazing digital experiences for the customers and communities you serve.

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